A Nature Born Fetishist

Foot Fetish: since year 1
If you're still guessing how old I am, you can stop to guess now. I was born in 17 November 1969 at night. When I old enough to know what is “foot fetish” in 1997, I love it immediately. Because…because I've clear image about what is foot fetish back to year one (about 7 year old). I received punishment with two other boys in the class, we must do something bad. The teacher has a pair of lovely legs and wearing toes-open high heel shoes all the time. We three were got our knees down in front of her, while she keeps teaching. My eyes were following her foot, it makes me very high.

Since 1997
Since I know what foot fetish was, I start my personal research in BDSM. I do a lot of reading about BDSM research paper, Web discussion forum, watching related films and even attended events to meet real-life mistress.
25 April 1999
That date was changing my life forever, after series of health check it proofed that my male hormone wasn't produce enough. Which means I may facing headache, no muscle, and easy to get cool problem. I was debut my gender at that time. Without debut, after another series psychology check that proofed I'm male. However, I'm holding both male and female brand. Moreover, my skin is more smoothly and white than most female; my legs are skim as models. Therefore, I can easily to swap to female. Isn't that cool?
Mid-July 1999
The first time I visit Salon Kitty and had “slave training” session with Mistress Nina
. She is a senior Femdom; she educated me how to become a good slave. She let me to “taste” her lovely foot, suck toes and kiss every inch of her foot were made me high. The slave training is a general session; it mixed all bondage, spanking and fetish.
Early-September 1999
I met Mistress Ruben
, a tall and always wearing black latex wear and high heel boots. Her voice is sexy but powerful.
12 October 1999
I attended Salon Kitty's BDSM Party, a time to meet nearly all mistresses and submissions who works at Salon Kitty. Moreover, BDSM lovers from all over the Australia travel to Sydney (most of sexy city in the world) to join this special event. That was the first time I have an opportunity to see every kind of BDSM, most mistress and masters wearing black latex wear, all slaves were nude. I had lovely chat with several couples (Femdom wife with slave husband or Male Master with female slave girlfriend). Since I return to Taiwan in March 2003 and find so many BDSM lovers, I'm thinking to organise a “fetish” travel group to visit Australia . To take those submissions to server white Mistresses and Masters, if they’ve good English communication skills.
December 1999
On a hot summer afternoon, I met Mistress Rahne, the one I mentioned so many times. She's a creative Femdom, no matter what I like; she'll always find new way to lead me. The first time we met, she wears like normal OL but no underwear. She ordered me to wash her foot then lick all water. Then, she ties me up and do hand-spanking on my ass to make it red. Finally, she's lies down and ordered me to stand beside of her. Then, she lets me to kiss every inch of her legs and pussy. I'll describe more about this session later. When session ends, I gave her my business card. I finally found we were belonging to same organisation ~ the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA). Without debut, we were sharing same design resource after the kinky dating. Moreover, I become her “personal slave” and worship her all the time until terrible 911 happened. 

15 March 2003
When my grandfather passes way suddenly, I made decision to return to Taiwan . I was live in Australia for nearly a decade. So, I return home to take care my parents. Without debut, I've to hide my kinky hobbits  all the time. For the reason that here in Taiwan is not allowed.

I'm happy I'll travel back to Sydney.